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My Work

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Work Featured In

Poem 'Chicha' performed in RTV El Diario 0:00 - 19:30 Watch my interview

Featured in El Diario Cuzco 

Short Story 'You Sing Your Saddest Song' in Nine Arches Press' magazine, Under the Radar no.26

You can buy yourself a copy here

Life in Static "STARMAN". Read the short story here

‘Life in Static’ is a grapevine of creative responses that were created by the women in the group Wicked Women. 

Starman is a short surreal story that focuses on a young girl called Inmaculada whose father goes to space for a long time as he’s an astronaut. Over the years, ten moments are highlighted between them through their weekly phone calls. 

Watch the other responses here

Lantern Company's City of Light, City of Sanctuary Soundscape



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Podcasts & Interviews

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